Top Reasons that Costa Adeje is Perfect for Your Family Getaway

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If you have never travelled to the Canary Islands before, perhaps this should be the year to change that. As a parent of excitable children, you need to find the right destination to cater to their needs, as well as yours. The Canary Islands could be the perfect solution with the island of Tenerife being a very attractive choice.


Around 1.6 million Britons visit the island of Tenerife each year, many of these being families just like yours. With warm temperatures and plenty of activities on offer, it is not hard to understand why this island appeals to so many. Of course, you need to consider more than just which island is right for you, but also which resort. Learning about Tenerife’s own Costa Adeje should help to make things a lot clearer to you, as it is a really great location for a family holiday.


Here are a few points that uncover the reasons why you should spend your holidays in the Costa Adeje, just like so many people have already discovered…


1) The flight time:

With a flight time of about half of one to Florida, you can quickly begin to see the benefits of Tenerife and the other Canary Islands. It basically means fewer hours spent on a plane trying to persuade your kits to sit quietly – something that is a difficult task at the best of times. Not only that, but it frees up valuable hours of your holiday, so you can spend more quality time as a family rather than travelling to get there.


2) The resort facilities:

When you reach the resort of Costa Adeje you will not be disappointed with what is on offer as the needs of the whole family will be taken care of. Your kids will be spoiled with swimming pools and evening entertainment, whilst you will be able to take advantage of many restaurants and beauty spas. There is a large choice of hotels on offer too, so you can pick something that best suits you, whether this is a self-catered apartment or a five star hotel.


3) Attractions nearby:

In terms of taking care of your kids’ attention spans on holiday, you will have no problem in Costa Adeje. It would be very hard for your children to be bored here as there is so much on offer. A number one attraction for many families is a brilliant water park that is only a short distance away from the resort centre. Siam Water Park has a range of rides and facilities that cater to those of all ages, so family members young and old can enjoy cooling down in the water. After all, temperatures can reach 29 degrees Celsius on an average summer day.


4) Opportunities to learn:

Another great attraction is natural wonder Mount Teide which also provides your family with a chance to learn something new. You can take a cable car to see the sights, and you will have the opportunity to breathe in the fresh mountain air. Mount Teide makes an excellent day out to teach your kids about geography, so you could either hire a car or book a few places on an organised trip if this is something you want


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