The Top Reasons That Make Tunisia a Special Holiday Destination

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Some people choose to go to the same holiday resorts each year due to the comfort and convenience, but this could mean missing out on some other amazing places around the world, including those that are only a few hours away to reach! If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone to explore somewhere new, you could consider Tunisia for your next destination.


There are plenty of reasons why Tunisia makes a wonderful place to visit on holiday, but we have a rundown of the things that make it truly special…


Cultural experiences you won’t forget:

There is a great balance between city and beach in Tunisia, meaning you can really make the most of both worlds. The cities are well worth visiting to get a true taste of what the country is all about though, and it is highly doubtful that you will leave the country disappointed. It’s all about exploring spice filled souks, quaint narrow streets, and photographing all of the beautiful examples of architecture. You will get the chance to practice your bartering skills in Tunisia, and you may even leave with a bargain, so think about getting some nice souvenirs and gifts here.


Accommodation that will ‘wow’ you:

Staying in one of the country’s resorts will also provide you with an opportunity to stay somewhere spellbinding; there are many five star hotels that have all inclusive packages for you to take advantage of. Better still, if you book a cheap winter holiday to Tunisia, you may also find that you get a good deal on your choice of hotel. Look for options where you can utilise many facilities including swimming pools, spas and restaurants.


A welcome chance to relax:

Of course you will find many other places to eat too, especially in the resorts of Hammamet as Sousse. With restaurants, bars and cafes on your doorstep, you will have plenty of chances to relax over a meal. Make sure to try the national dish of couscous served with fresh produce to get the real deal. The beaches will also be ideal for getting your serenity and calm. Hammamet has gorgeous slices of sand that are just waiting to be enjoyed by you during the plentiful hours of sunshine.


Excitement that never ends:

The beaches are a perfect place to start for more adrenalin fuelled activities too, including parasailing and wakeboarding. But there is plenty to do on dry land too, particularly trekking over the desert dunes on the back of a camel. For a slightly less bumpy ride, you can always choose a Jeep safari instead. Yet if it is the thought of history that really gets you excited in a new place, you will love visiting the ancient Roman ruins at Carthage – something that would make a great day excursion from your resort. It will definitely be something you want to get photographs of so be sure to pack your camera along for the trip.

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