Visit some of Europe’s most historic cities

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Europe is home to some of the most historic cities in the world that can make extremely interesting trips. We are going to look at some of the most historically important cities and give you some advice should you be planning to visit them soon.


the city of york

One of England’s most important cities, York dates back to 7 AD and has been the site of numerous historical since being founded by the Romans. York, who lends its name to the county of Yorkshire, is a walled city that is popular with tourists and visitors who travel to find out more about its rich heritage including York Minster, one of the world’s most impressive Cathedrals.

As well as York Minster, visitors can enjoy numerous museums and places of interest including the impressive Clifford’s Tower, Barley Hall and Fairfax House among others.

Visiting York couldn’t be easier with rail travel times under two hours from London and just over two for Edinburgh. There are a number of great rail deals available if you are travelling to York as well making it one of the most accessible, historic cities in Europe.



barcelona city

Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona, has a population exceeding one and a half million people and sees this number grow considerably with visitors all year round.

Culturally, Barcelona is one of Europe’s top cities and has a history stretching back hundreds of years with its architecture being internationally renowned especially the work of Gaudi including the incredible Sagrada Familia Basilica.

Travelling around the city you will see all kind of interesting architecture as well as numerous impressive historical sites, museums and more but if you want to pack in all the top sights it can be a good idea to take a look at city tour packages.




There can’t be many more unique cities in the world than Venice and it’s romantic canals, bridges and walkways. Known for its architecture and artworks it is actually a group of small islands joined by the famous bridges and separated by the canals that are synonymous with gondola trips.

While flooding is quite common with the seasonal ‘Acqua Alta’ it is still an extremely popular tourist destination with the famous Rialto Bridge, standing since 1591, a particular draw.

Any trip to Venice would be incomplete without a Gondola trip down the famous canals and with warnings that the city is gradually sinking it could well be that Venice is consigned to history sooner than we think.




The Polish city of Krakow has a long and tempestuous past but is now one of Europe’s most beautiful cities enjoying a large tourist trade.

With important historical locations dating back hundreds of years it is the history of the last century that brings most people to this city. Krakow was one of the cities hit hardest by WW2 and visitors can see the old ghetto walls, Schindlers Museum and take trips out to the nearby Auschwitz concentration camp in what are some of the most important historical sights of modern times.

Taking the time to do a bit of research before taking a trip can uncover so much more about your destination so do a bit of research and find out what places of interest you could visit the next time you travel.


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