Visiting Playa De Las Americas in Winter

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Situated in the idyllic Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa is the island of Tenerife. Playa De Las Americas is a purpose built holiday resort in the southern and south-west part of Arona in the western side of the island. It was built in 1960 for Northern European holiday makers to take advantage of the warm climate during winter. Playa De Las Americas is home to a host of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos and hotels to suit every budget and taste. The beaches are mostly man-made and feature sand imported from Africa as the local sands were much darker in color due to the volcanic activity of the island. Playa De Las Americas is the central hub for nightlife on Tenerife, and there is always something happening to keep the thousands of visitors entertained at any time of year.

Winters in Playa De Las Americas typically have an average high temperature of about twenty one degrees Celsius making it a great choice for those wishing to escape the northern European winter. Visitors can expect approximately six hours of sunshine every day with little chance of rain. For those hitting the crystal blue waters off the islands coast, water temperatures rarely fall below nineteen degrees Celsius, making for pleasant bathing, snorkeling and water sports. With this beautiful climate, it’s no wonder Playa De Las Americas is one of the top choices for holiday makers in the winter months.

Winter is an ideal time to get stuck into the huge variety of outdoor activities available in and around Playa De Las Americas. The warm temperatures make for excellent conditions to explore the coastline on long walks or by renting a car. What’s more, the milder winter months bring with them more vegetation after the drier summer months which means, more plants, trees and other flora are out to brighten up the countryside. Hiking the Mount Teide is an option for those seeking something more active but a cable car is available to the top for those just wanting to experience the amazing views from Spain’s highest point and the world’s third biggest volcano. In the national park there are superb walks among the exotic plant and animal life.

Just eleven kilometers from Playa De Las Americas is Aqualand, a nice water park on the island which is open year around with Dolphinarium and Aqua Park being the two main attractions. Jungle Park is located in the Arona area of the island, near Playa De Las Americas, is a superb theme park. It is the only jungle in Europe and by far the best zoological and botanical park in the entire of the Canary Islands. Another fantastic facility nearby is Siam Park, a popular theme park and water park. There is a beach, beach club and the world’s biggest artificial waves which reach a height of up to three meters.

So, if you are considering a trip to the Canary Islands this winter then look no further than a Playa De Las Americas holiday in Tenerife. Outdoor enthusiasts, beach goers, theme park fans and those who love the Spanish nightlife will all be kept entertained in this great resort town.


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