Why or why not choose an all-inclusive holiday?

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All-inclusive holidays are increasing in popularity because by their nature, they suit those holidaying on a budget and, equally, are one of the easiest ways to ensure a relaxing break. However, all-inclusive holidays are not suited to every holidaymaker and there may be aspects to consider before committing to this option. This post will explore the reasons why holidaymakers should (and possibly shouldn’t) book an all-inclusive holiday on their next trip away.

You should definitely book an all-inclusive holiday if…
• You are determined to stick to a strict budget. Your all-inclusive package should include all refreshments, as well as a variety of entertainment and activities arranged by the hotel. In theory, holidaymakers could find themselves saving money as spending is not required whilst on-site

• You like the idea of being in a safe and secure environment with easily accessible amenities and a range of staff on hand to help with any queries. This might appeal more to those with young children, or simply those who value peace of mind over and above anything else.

• Your idea of true relaxation is to top up your tan whilst being served cocktails. All day. Everyday. Bliss!

You definitely should NOT book an all-inclusive holiday if…
• You love the adventure associated with exploring new places, enjoy eating out and find nothing more charming than stumbling upon authentic local venues by chance.

• You enjoy bargain hunting and are happy to research the cheapest travel and hotel details, as well as finding the best value restaurants and entertainment venues in your chosen destination.

• You get bored easily and find the idea of a fortnight full of cocktails, sunbathing and hotel entertainment positively mind numbing.

In short, there are pros and cons to booking an all-inclusive holiday, though the increasing popularity of this kind of break suggests that economic factors are now playing a key part in peoples’ holiday making decision process.

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