Why Turkey Is The Perfect Place For A Last Minute Holiday

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If you’ve been scrambling around for a last minute holiday destination, Turkey could be the place to go. Thousands of British holiday goers have been scooping up last minute deals to this Mediterranean retreat. Here’s why…


Unbeatable costs

Not only are last minute hotel and flight prices a massive bargain – the prices of activities, food and drink in Turkey are unbelievably cheap meaning that you don’t have to save up a huge amount of spending money. Your average pint of beer costs the equivalent of two pounds. The Turks also love to haggle so when it comes to excursions and shopping, you can generally knock the price down to save money.


An excellent exchange rate

Whilst the pound is falling against the Euro, the Turkish lira has remained steady at an average of 4.5 lira to a pound. You can convert money before you go, although there are plenty of places to exchange money there and then. You can even pay in pounds in most tourist areas.


Beautiful beaches

Turkey offers an amazing selection of beaches. Alongside popular destinations such as Bodrum and Marmaris, there are notable coasts such as the clustered bay of Alanya and the broad strip of Patara – Turkey’s longest beach. Summers are long in Turkey and the temperature will often reach the thirties. This makes Turkey the ideal place for anyone eager to work on their tan. Beaches will generally have sunbeds available, which come with adjustable umbrellas for those that want to stay in the shade.


A range of activities

There’s much more to Turkey than lying on a beach. Most resorts will generally have a wide array of watersports such as parasailing, scuba diving and banana boats. And then there are daytrips such as boat tours and jeep safaris. Depending on where you go, you may also be able to see some of Turkey’s cultural and historical side including Ancient Greek ruins, Ottoman mosques and Byzantine basilicas. There are plenty of natural sights to take in too including mountains, springs and coves. You can take excursions out to see these sights, or rent a hire car and explore for yourself.


Fantastic food

You’ll find a cosmopolitan selection of restaurants in every resort including traditional Turkish food, Italian pizzerias and British-style breakfast bars. If you don’t fancy fine dining, Turkey is the best place to buy a tasty and wholesome kebab for a bargain price. You’ll also find many cafes that serve Turkish tea (served in a glass) and coffee, on top of many of the nation’s desserts. Such places to eat could be great if you want a break from the hotel food.


Friendly people


The Turkish people are very hospitable, and will often try to accommodate for their guests in any way possible. Many hotels and restaurants are family owned and so you can expect a friendly atmosphere and good relations between the staff. The shopkeepers also have a great sense of humour.


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