Christmas In The Canaries: Why Visit Lanzarote This Winter

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Looking for somewhere abroad to escape to this winter? Lanzarote could be the ideal place. Every year, the Canary Island attracts millions of tourists eager to lounge on its white beaches and explore its volcanic terrain. Here are just a few reasons why visiting out of season in Winter is recommended.


It’s cheaper

Flights are always much cheaper out of season. On top of this, hotels and restaurants won’t be as busy and so there are always more deals about to lure in more tourists. This can sometimes mean not having to pay the premium price on luxuries that you would in summer. Prices may not be so low in December due to the amount of Christmas events on, but are likely to be very cheap in January/February. Get away from the January blues and start the year with a bang.


There’s still sun

Lanzarote’s temperature rarely dips below nineteen degrees meaning that you can work up a tan all year round. It’s a much more comfortable heat than in the height of summer that won’t have you hiding the shade. Lanzarote is also known to bloom with flowers in Winter – in the summer it’s simply too hot for these plants to come out, but in the winter the mid-twenties heat brings out all the flora.


It’s the perfect time for hiking

As the temperatures aren’t too sweltering, Winter is the perfect time for hiking Lanzarote’s rocky landscape. Timanfaya national park is a great hotspot for hikers, containing plains made of volcanic soil and mighty geysers. You can hike up to Timanfaya Volcano and also walk to the hidden El Golfo beach. There’s also the Cesar Manrique cactus garden in the area, which is a must-see.


There are less queues

When it comes to water parks, museums and other attractions, the winter is the perfect time to skip the queues. The island isn’t as crammed with tourists and so you can usually get more done by not having to compete with masses of people. This also applies to restaurants and tours, which may get more booked up in summer. Winter is often a great time for taking a more personalised tour, as guides will have more time to speak with you.


Stay in February and you have carnival

February could be the time to plan your Lanzarote escape if you like a good fiesta! The island’s annual Puerto Del Carmen carnival generally takes place between February and March in the city of Arrecife. The islanders dress up in flamboyant and colourful costumes and parade through the street accompanied by live music. This is usually followed by an all-night party in which everyone involved also dresses up. There’s lots of food and drink on offer and plenty of other events on as part of the carnival. Hotels in the area can get pretty booked up so bear this in mind when planning  your trip during this season.


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